Paediatric DKA Calculator

Use this tool to generate an integrated care pathway for managing paediatric diabetic ketoacidosis based on the BSPED 2021 Guidelines. It will pre-fill calculations in the pathway based on the values for your patient.

This is the legacy version (v1.1.10) of the DKA Calculator.

The DKA Calculator was updated in response to the latest BSPED DKA Guidelines. The legacy version was provided for a 6 month transition period and has now been retired.

Click here to access the most up to date version of the calculator.

Paediatric DKA Calculator (Version 1.3.4)
Created by Dan Leach and John Barton with the BSPED DKA Special Interest Group
With thanks to Rob Spaull and Kevon Parmesar for reviewing the codebase for this version

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