Paediatric DKA Calculator

Use this tool to generate an integrated care pathway for managing paediatric diabetic ketoacidosis based on the BSPED 2021 Guidelines. It will pre-fill calculations in the pathway based on the values for your patient.

The DKA Calculator has been updated.

Latest significant update 16/05/2022. Integrated Care Pathway (ICP) appendix 3 "Making up IV fluids" procedure updated to match main guideline. View the full changelog on GitHub.

Complete the form below. You can hover over the icons (e.g. at the left of each input box for more guidance. Once each input is completed successfully it will be highlighted in green. After you press submit, if there is a problem with an entry, it will be highlighted in red and an explanatory note will appear to the right.

For information about how the data is used, hover over the for that section. Once the form is complete click the submit button. The generated protocol will be ready to download within a few seconds. If you encounter problems, a backup version of the ICP (without pre-filled calculations) can be downloaded from here.

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Paediatric DKA Calculator (Version 1.3.4)
Created by Dan Leach and John Barton with the BSPED DKA Special Interest Group
With thanks to Rob Spaull and Kevon Parmesar for reviewing the codebase for this version

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